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Scrapbook collage depicting various cut outs
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Hi There!

You've come along a little too soon, things aren't quite ready here just yet!
However, whilst this blog is still under construction, here’s a snippet of what to expect...

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Experiencing Time Travel

A personal recollection.

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Why blog?

What’s the point?

How can we make a difference?
How can we make an impression on others? An impression on strangers?
To leave something behind after we have paid our dues.

Music. Films. Books. The Arts.

Music that takes you back to a time you can’t remember, like you were there just yesterday, in the moment, reliving it. Again. Songs that possess time in their lyrics... It’s 3am, Mr Jones, Save Tonight, I’m Never Gonna Give You Up, I Will Always Love You, Truly Madly Deeply, this is How You Remind Me, the Cats in the Cradle and Drops of Jupiter.

Video that captures emotion, make us experience things we never would otherwise, to step into the imagination of someone else, recreated visually, as they saw fit to depict it to others. From moments of passion in a car on a large ship out in the north atlantic ocean, meeting an alien who just wants to phone home, experiencing rose petals raining down from the ceiling, having it dawn on us that there is no spoon, shrinking down in size and meeting a giant ant, being forgotten whilst the family went on Christmas vacation, to witnessing the end of the world, again. and again. and again. These are living stories, and some that stay with us for years.

Mere lines forming letters, compounding into words on a page of paragraphs at length. Seemingly meaningless, yet piecing together a puzzle of intrigue that keeps the pages turning. To run exhilarated through a forest our feet have never touched, to experience the magic of another, the crushing defeat of some and the triumph of others. Books have a way of touching our hearts through our own imagination. Unlike with films, where we don’t imagine, but are shown; no book is read in the same way that it is imagined, every scene is interpreted individually based on our own personal experience and references.

Where interpretation itself is a personal experience, no two people interpret the same painting in the same manner. At our core, human beings were designed to create, be it paintings or books, music, movies, dramatic arts or code. You don’t have to be creative to create, you don’t have to be extraordinary to experience emotion, you just have to be human.

Those that capture memories, a moment frozen in time, one that traps silent emotion. As with music, transporting us back to a time long passed, a nearby moment if not the depicted one. As one thing often makes us think of another.

That being said, when you think about it, as it stands, music and photos are the true methods of time travel in this day and age. For taking us back in time at any rate, as with certain sensory experiences, such as the smell of wood as it crackles in the fireplace.

Life is about personal experience. Not living through someone else, living for yourself, holding on to yourself when the waves of routine and monotony threaten to bind you down and make you numb. Do the things you love and do them before it is too late.

Life is about emotion, why do we spend so much time attempting to become machines, to encompass the very AI that (en)slaves to us.

I love to type, I love to create.
I live to feel inspired, to immerse myself in something that gives me purpose, to find my true talent, to unlock myself. To find myself.

To be honest and raw, whilst still colouring in the lines. To splash out and yet, to stay in our lane. To push the limits, but not beyond their breaking point. Life has always been about finding a balance and I’m not too sure which way this tips the scales.

Regardless. This. This is why I blog.
I write to create.

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