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Scrapbook collage depicting various cut outs
Scrapbook collage depicting various cut outs
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So, you want to know more ?

Let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

About This Blog


So, if you came here looking for something fantastic and witty, well hey, you might get lucky. Largely, I don’t know what to tell you to expect at all. I’ve moved from diaries to blogs and have stopped and started a few, things always end up getting blasé as time goes on.

Will this one be any different, now that I’m attempting to make my own...
Will I try to win you over, or just write from the heart...
Will I say what’s on my mind, or bury my thoughts...
Will I let you in, or will I hold back...

... you see, all that depends on the wine intake.

Did you crack a smile there?
Then you just may enjoy this endeavour of mine.

Oh... Sorry, can we do this without holding hands?

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About The Author

Classed as WYSIWYG personality type; I have always enjoyed writing, in matric, my teacher requested a signed copy of my first book. Whilst that may be somewhat of a pipedream, I have also had a long term interest in web design, but not had the opportunity to actively persue it, until now. This blog is a culmination of persuits and interests which hold my attention and add to my general enjoyment in life.

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